Hey friends! We love to talk fashion sprinkled with everyday life and we would like to with you! As we live our mom lives we refuse to do so without style. Here you will find us logging life and our favorite fashion finds. We will be sipping coffee until its time for cocktails. Join us!






Mom of 2 kids (that I adore 97% of the time) and a wife. A good deal makes me feel like I’m really winning , but sometimes I crave the indulgence of a true splurge. I always eat the cupcake at the children’s birthday parties. I’m arty, talkative, highly organized- except in conversation then I am all over the place. A bit sarcastic because life is just better with a little laugh. I love clothes with drama. A beautiful dress can literally take my breath away. In my next life I am determined to wear more Chanel. But, until then….. here I sit in stained white jeans because my lasagna covered son wanted a spontaneous hug. At the end of the day he was right, it was worth it.




Mom of 2 girls. After all the tutus and unicorns, I am a sale seeking, steak eating, Steven Tyler loving kind of gal. Sometimes getting out of house with wet hair is worth it if means I don’t have to cook. If all falls together perfectly, great but sometimes it just doesn’t. There is beauty in the mess of it. Live music is my therapy and if you throw in chips and salsa, we can call it heaven.  I love dogs, but my true spirit animal hands down is Cher. My kids are a trip and I am happy to be along for the ride. When I finally get my beauty monsters to sleep at night, I indulge in my favorite hobby, instagram shopping. Special shout out to my patient husband for jumping behind the lens again. I knew he was just dying to after our engagement video was such a hit on Youtube.

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