It was the end of an era for this old girl. My LV Delightful MM had served me well through my baby years. Now that I carry less for my kids I am sizing down. I am enjoying this transition and it is bringing sweet relief to my back. I am a tidy person and always in clean out mode but I have never taken the plunge and actually sold a designer item. I wasn’t sure of the process, wasn’t sure if I would get a fair price for my bag, and wasn’t sure if I would regret it.  Well I did it and I am going to answer those questions for you.


You will first need to confirm that the bag you are considering selling is one that the store is currently buying. Check the details here at   You will need to know the name of your designer bag. If you are unsure there are some tools for troubleshooting on this page. I happened to know the name of my bag.


Next, you will have a better chance of getting the higher price for your bag if it is clean. I am a clean freak so my bag was looking pretty good. If yours is not take a look at these recommended products. Jackie recommend this Krud Kutter for cleaning up the canvas (not the leather!) on your LV bags. For the fabric she suggested this cleaner by Coach brand.


Now that you have cleaned and confirmed your bag it’s time to get it over to Keeks. If you live near a store you can drop in while a buyer is on duty. If it’s more convenient you can mail your item to the Plano, TX store for the process. Be sure to include your “Instant Cash Offer” printout.


When the handbag gets to the buyer they will check for the bag’s cleanliness and wear, and go through a process of authentication. This process didn’t take too long but give yourself as much as an hour just in case. The buyer has to wait on feedback from an authentication machine before they can process a payment to you. Hanging out with the handbags is no problem for me, but if you want to speed up your process visit the store on a weekday.


So that was it! It was time to say goodbye. I carried this bag through many baby years and those years flashed before my eyes as I said goodbye. Did I feel like I got a fair price? Yes. Do I regret selling my bag? No. I used this bag, loved this bag, and I enjoy moving on. I love that I can sell this bag so easily and that another mom can walk in and buy it. This process was so much easier for me than dealing with an auction site or an app. I love that we have this store full of friendly faces right here in our local Austin mall. Thank you Keeks!



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