Hey guys pulling together a few wardrobe favorites for a friend and decided this was a good place to post and share. In this selection I am aiming to dress a busy mom with some fresh wardrobe staples she can wear for more than one season and carry over year after year. The days of crawling after toddlers are over and thank goodness for that but we still have lots of movement in our day. Here are some easy ideas to consider. ps… a good handful are pulled from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.

Easy dresses for day with a few that I feel can carry you into dinner with ease. I like to have a couple of easy to throw on cotton options. I opt for a few floral breezy dresses for brunch, date night, or any time I want to look a step up from everyday. But I do urge you to not over think the dress. Just because you put on a dress doesn’t mean you are trying to tell the world you are feeling fancy. (Which wouldn’t be a problem by the way). Put on a dress because its one easy garment to slip into. Dress and sandals and out the door. Its so easy!

Classic shorts with no end of trend in sight. I pulled a few different hem lengths and fabrics to choose from. I personally own most of these styles. I love cut off jean shorts and will wear them almost anywhere. My runner up for shorts would be J.Crew chinos and I have them in a variety of colors. After those two I have a pair of tie at the waist for cute tucked in tops, I have linen for breeze beach looks, and I have some fitted black options for dressing up. I do opt for most shorts to be rather fitted as they tend to stretch with wear.

Next up I’ve got tops. A few basics that explain themselves and a few sophisticated options to consider. Some fun sleeves or some that tie at the waist. While these looks are trending now they are not at risk of feeling dated next year. These simple styles add a little extra to your sandals and shorts. I like to pull these out when I need to run by the elementary school or go out for errands and feel like I have my life together.  Sometimes I meet friends for coffee and actually get dressed. In my closet I like to have some floral, colorful stripes, and embroidery tops for spring and summer. I do still have a need for the basic blacks and grays in a variety of sleeves and styles. Yup you guessed it…. I have a lot of clothes!

I added a J Crew jean jacket and long sleeve button up because I consider these must haves. I even carry them around in the summer and when I travel.  I am buying this J. Crew jacket because I’ve worn out my H&M version in the same style. Its got a hole in a non-fashionable place.

Last but not least.. shoes. I’ve added a few sneakers to the list of various sandals. I love that comfortable shoes are in style and I am never letting them escape. Hopefully all these don’t overwhelm. But, I do like to have a few options for slide sandals. Slides are the type of shoe I wear the most these days. I do love color so will opt for a few fun hues but still need my black, gold, and brown. Don’t ask how many shoes I own. I refuse to count them. If you are opting for less volume I suggest going with the leather options as they will last longer. Do add a few heels to your wardrobe if you don’t have any. I stick mostly with wedges but I have recently been into the lower block heel. Both are simple sturdy options so you can run after your kid if it comes to that. I have chased the school bus in wedges and made it out okay. My daughter acted like she didn’t know me but I got to the bus in time with no broken ankle so I was the winner. The black clutch is totally random but a part of the Nordstrom sale and I thought it was a good one to own if you don’t have a good dinner clutch.


Hope this helps my friends. Message me with any questions. I have plenty of opinions and I’m always willing to share them.

xoxo Lyra




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