Today we want to share Maria Victoria with you! I, Lyra, honestly vibrate with excitement when I think of how far these ladies have come and all the hard work they have put into their company. Two years ago I went to a friend’s house and shopped my first Maria Victoria trunk show. Paulina and Carolina were full of enthusiasm as the bags were displayed out in the dining room and they watched us make our selections. After we had flipped coins and settled on who got what (lol no really but it’s hard to choose!) We made ourselves comfortable in the living room and listened to their story. We had questions and they had questions. We were so eager to learn what they had planned. I even walked away wondering what I could do that fit with my life as a mother. I felt inspired by them and eager to share their company with other women.

I am going to be really honest and tell you that night I wanted all the bags! I am a self-proclaimed bag lady in case you didn’t know this. So it was easy to find the perfect use for all the sizes and beautiful colors they had to offer. I now own 6 bags. But don’t worry, I can explain… these bags are so durable and versatile. In my large bags you will see me carrying swimming pool gear one day and tennis racquets the next.  I can set this bag down on any surface clean or dirty while the kids dig out their own contents. No big deal if someone spills a water bottle or snack bag. My newest addition is the red bag below. I’m looking forward to the large shoulder straps. Lana opted for a black and white and I not so secretly love it!


DSC_0244 (2)

The medium sizes (see below) are more everyday. I usually have my own clutch size bag with my important things, and then the rest of the bag hangs open I don’t mind. But if you prefer a bag that closes, they have those too. One of my favorites is the Siqueiros in black and white. This bag has traveled to several islands with me. I took it to the beach and then out to dinner and felt it transitioned well.


Below is the Tamayo. This bag also closes on top and buttons closed on the sides.

DSC_0208 (2)

Last on my list is the Dear Diego clutch bag. It doesn’t always happen this way, but sometimes I can leave my house with things just for me. If you’re wondering Dear Diego pairs best with a margarita and an off-the-shoulder blouse.


Are you feeling inspired? We love all these colors and patterns, but let me tell you a quick bit about where they come from. The handbags are designed by Paulina Nava and Carolina Sandoval and hand woven from pvc plastic. They are handmade in a small town near Guadalajara in a social rehabilitation program. This program supports women and men who have been victims of abuse, or who need a second chance and a job to help them re-enter society. Long time lovers of art and design, these women work with the artisans to capture the rich Mexican tradition of artistic handcrafts and bring you beautiful works of art.

Happy hunting,

Lyra & Lana

Visit their website http://www.mymariavicotira    Click here

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