I have been on the hunt for more neutral hang bags. I am craving simpler modern styles in both shape and hardware. Colors catching my eye right now are whites, greys, camels, nudes, and pale pinks. So many of us have the big mom bags we have been using for years and I am so bored and weighed down with that old thing. I am breaking free this spring and I’m bringing you along for the hunt. I have included a few different sizes. Some days I still travel around with a planner, water bottle, and a few things for myself so I do keep a few larger bags in rotation. But, occasionally I grab my phone and my keys and want to run errands with a smaller bag. So I love to have options for both. I have created a few lookbooks of bags I’m considering and I have organized them by color.


PINKS- Years ago I bought myself a large pink leather bag and I still adore it. I am a pink girl and proud of it. I use it year round and it goes so well with my wardrobe colors. Pink goes great with red, greens, and navy/ denims.


WARM NUDES- I am dying for a light camel/ nude bag. But this Coach color block has my full attention. Also, crushing on the nude cross-body. (I am a busy mom I need my hands). I have not bought a Coach bag in about 15 years! I just look at the leather and the craftsmanship and feel like it is a real luxury without the sky high designer price tag. I have pulled a few shapes that feel very lady-like to me. The Rebecca Minkoff & Tory Burch box bags with the chain straps echo classic Chanel. The small French Connection is a fun small hold in your hand bag that I own in silver.


WHITES- I recently bought a smaller white bag and I am loving it with everything.  I confess I will probably over do it on white this spring. Maybe because my kids are finally over the stage that they will make a mess on me so I am feeling clean again. Now I am just hoping I don’t spill on myself! I have also included a few new shapes/sizes to try. Remember it is ok to have a smaller size just for you!


COOL TONES- First up is the grey cross body. (Can also be worn over one shoulder). I adore this bag’s color, minimal hardware, pocket organization, and price point. The tone plays well with warm and cool colors and doesn’t overly commit to a gold or silver accent so it feels very versatile.  I have added a few other options that I am quite fond of. The Tory Burch in that safari green feels very classic with its structure and design. These colors can take you from Spring to Fall very easily. 



I am thinking both of these bags will pair well with my plans for white slide sandals & skinny white jeans or simple white tees & sneakers this season. This white bag is a discontinued Rebecca Minkoff, however I have included the new version (above in the scroll) that I prefer anyway. The newer version is a more crisp white. Hope you like my picks. I can’t decide what I want next. Funny side note that I might as well include.. I buy new handbags every spring. My reason is simple and this might apply to you. I am usually the one shopping for my Valentine’s gift, my birthday gift, and my own mother’s day gift. (these all fall in the spring) I don’t mind this at all because it give me the chance to pull together and buy a few nice things for myself. So once spring is upon me I start shopping. Stay tuned for what I find.




Update… I have come back to edit a few lines on this post. Sadly I did return this grey bag to the store with some loose threads. Nordstrom staff said the brand usually receives great praise and that they had not see this issue before. Maybe mine was just unlucky but I just wanted to mention.



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