When I was in highschool I had a knock off Coach purse. I know… I know…. I quickly learned my lesson when that $20 purse fell apart. Then a few years later in college I stepped up my game and bought a Louis Vuitton knock off. That $50 was gone quickly and so was the bag. The handles pulled away from the bag and it completely fell apart. I vowed to never waste my time or money again on a fake bag. I have actually kept that promise to myself.

However, 10+ years later and I’m again intrigued by the dupe world. Now with Amazon, and products from overseas so easily available, I had to see for myself how some of these designer dupes stacked up.

Valentino Rock-stud T Strap Pumps Dupe


These babies are gorgeous. The real pair by Valentino will cost you about $995 at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.  My husband would literally have an attack if I spent that much money on a single pair of shoes. So I forked over 1/10th of that price to check out Kaitlyn Pan’s version on Amazon.

My amateur and untrained eye cannot tell the difference. I even went to Nordstrom to check out the real deal. I have to say these babies are pretty good.

IMG_0586    Shop Lyra’s pumps here



Shop Lana’s pumps here.











Shop the flats here


We found that all three shoes ran true to size. And of course, if you want 100% authenticity and quality, treat yo-self and buy the real deal at Nordstrom!

Gucci Belt DupesLRG_DSC06662

The other hot trend and subsequent dupe right now is the Gucci belt. This belt is on almost every fashion blogger on Instagram. I have to wonder how many of them are wearing the originals. When I first saw this belt, I loved it. I went to Nordstrom right away to get myself one. I saw the $450 price tag and left that brown beauty on hold, never to return for it.

I wear a belt maybe 1x a week, and I couldn’t fork over that kinda cash for a weekly accessory. Later, I heard through the grapevine that there was an amazing replica on Amazon. So of course I had to check it out for myself.


This black Gucci look-a-like belt sure kept me on my toes awaiting it’s arrival. It took 21 days from ordering online to receive. It came from China and the tracking updates weren’t super accurate. Nonetheless, it did come and I was pleasantly surprised. The “Gucci” box packaging and the stamping “Gucci” on the inside of the belt were all top notch. If you put this belt next to the original, you would probably be able to spot some small differences. But for the mere $17 spent, I’m ok with that! Shop the black belt here.


I also had to buy the brown Gucci look-a-like belt for my little experiment. This brown belt came with no packaging and is not stamped “Gucci” anywhere on the belt. I spent $15.99, but also had to wait 3 weeks for it to arrive. Shop the brown version here

I found that both belts ran large and would definitely size down. If you are looking for a little sparkly to your accessory and don’t want a giant price tag, these belts are a great option. And if you order now, it may just arrive in time for the holidays!


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