Buying new jeans is one of my most dreaded things to shop for. I always worry that they are all going to be too tight, or I’ll have to go up a size. Or I’ll have “mom butt” or a saggy crotch. I know there’s got to be other chicks out there that feel this way. If you do, check below for some of Lyra and I’s favorite brands of jeans, their price points, and why we love them. We packed up our favorite denim and took a trip to the super cool graffiti park in Austin.

My first pair is 1822  Denim in the distressed skinny jean. These are available at Nordstrom and run in the $45-60 price point. I recently picked up these pair when I tried them on along with several other, much more expensive brands and decided these looked almost as good at just a fraction of the price.


Joe’s. This classic brand is a favorite of mine. They range anywhere from $100- to nearly $200 at Nordstrom. I’ve had this pair for a couple years and they are my go to! I knew exactly the size and wash I wanted, so I checked Nordstrom Rack, and sure enough they had them for $80. Keep in mind if you’re wanting designer denim at a better price.


H&M Girlfriend Regular jeans. These jeans are cheap (on sale now for $24.99) loose fitting and easy to throw on. I find myself grabbing these when all my yoga pants are dirty. They are the perfect jeans for running errands and taking the kids to school in. I would never wear these on a date night because of the saggy “mom butt” appearance, but man… they are comfy!


Articles of Society in black and white denim. I scooped up both of these pairs at Nordstrom last year and they are both so comfy.  They have a good stretch and wash up well. I was worried about the white pair staying white with all the dirty little hands I have tugging on me, but these wash up like a dream. They run true to size and cost around $65.


Kan Can: I got this pair at a local boutique and paid about $50. When doing my research I discovered this brand is available on Amazon. They are good option when you want to try a trend but not spend a lot of money. They are not my go to, or  most comfortable pair but they are fun pair to have in the mix.


Those are a few of my favs-xoxo lana



I, Lyra, have been loving designer jeans for the last decade plus. Below I have a few of my favorites to share. Features I crave in a jean: great color, long full-sized zipper, larger back pockets, and in some cases a bit of trendy styling. I’ll explain… Above I have a pair of boyfriend Citizens of Humanity button fly. I really like the look of a full zipper it gives a better fit in front. In my opinion to be more flattering in the back you have got to have large perfectly placed pockets. Back pockets sit best when slightly angling inward and can’t sit too close together to be flattering.  In addition to the basic blue and black jeans, I love having gray jean in my wardrobe. Scroll down and see another pair of Citizen’s of Humanity Jeans – in what is now distressed gray. I have worn and loved these soft, thin jeans for so many years I have now worn the knees out- glad it’s in style!! These jeans run just over $200 and can be found at Nordstrom and other larger department stores.


Below are a pair of my favorite Frame denim I picked up this year at Nordstrom Anniversary sale. The design details in stretch, style, and shape are perfectly flattering. The ankle fray almost feels like a ruffle and gives a fun detail. At the sale price they were about $140, but in my opinion a well worth it purchase.


See below for my Jcrew high-rise toothpick. This jean gets a lot of use in my closet year round. The style and length work for summer sandals and fit perfectly into boots for the fall. This jean runs about $70 but you can often find a promotion in store.


See below for a pair of well loved Mother Jeans. I have stressed the importance of the back pockets and Mother delivers on the backside. The large pockets, worn in feel, and design make these jeans one of the most flattering that I own. This style of skinny is “The Looker” and there are several versions of the style available. They are often priced at just under $200, but don’t let that scare you!  I bought these second hand and paid a fraction of that cost!



We had the best time prancing around in our favorite denim and admiring all the wonderful works of art. We even made some new talented friends who hooked up Lyra Lana Edit with our very own special scribbling! Locals make sure you check out the Graffiti Park soon (there’s talk about relocating it.)

Graffiti Park at Castle Hill  – 1008 Baylor Street

Cheers babes


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